Velaa Private Island Maldives - Private Moments

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Adopt a Coral Dome Nurture nature and do a good cause. DETAIL Aragu & CRU
Champagne Lounge
Sip fine Champagne and enjoy exquisite Michelin-star inspired dining with mesmerizing view over the lagoon. DETAIL
Athiri Restaurant The beachfront all-day dining restaurant. DETAIL Beach Pool Pavilion Enjoy the private enclave, just the way you like it. DETAIL Beach Pool Villa Ideal for beach lovers, this beachfront living sits on pure sandy shores with view of the lagoon. DETAIL Beach Pool
Family holidays are made to feel at home away from home in paradise. DETAIL
Deluxe Beach Pool Villa Life is a beach. Contemporary resort style villas on pure white sandy shores with ocean view. DETAIL Fishing Fishing has long been the livelihood of Maldivan culture. DETAIL My Blend by
Clarins Spa
A perfect spa day.
Ocean Pool House An ultimate privacy combined with grand space, comfort and design with an expansive view of the ocean. DETAIL Owner's Residence "This is not a business project. This is a dream that came true". Jiri Smejc DETAIL Prestige Yacht Experience boating in style. DETAIL Romantic Pool Residence As romantic and private as it gets. The epitome of a romantic stay. DETAIL Semi-submarine A new way to underwater experience. DETAIL Snorkelling and Diving Experience breathtaking marine vistas. DETAIL Sunrise Water
Pool Villa
Surrounded by the lagoon, this one-bedroom villa is perfect for pure relaxation. DETAIL
Sunset Deluxe
Water Pool Villa
Set off the island along an extended jetty, the crescent of villas each has its own uninterrupted view of the ocean and private pool. DETAIL
Tavaru Tower The tallest tower of all resorts in Maldives offers guest another ‘level’ of dining experience. DETAIL Tennis and Squash For tennis and squash fans with covered tennis courts. DETAIL Traditional
Bahtheli Boats
Experience true Maldivian boating with a touch of luxury. DETAIL
Velaa Golf Academy
by Olazabal
Perfect your golf swing like a pro. DETAIL
Velaa Private Residences Considered one of Maldives top residence, enjoy an ultimate space and privacy on this four-bedroom private residence. DETAIL Watersports Rekindle a sense of adventure and awaken curiosity in the stunning natural environment. DETAIL Yoga Restore balance, for your body and mind. DETAIL