LOREEDUBOIS for Velaa Private Island

Posted 20th November

An exceptional collection of High Jewellery designed and crafted by Loreedubois for Velaa is presented at Velaa Private Island.

Maison Loreedubois, a certified French High Jewellery Maison, has been bringing together the best gem setters, casters and virtual imaging pioneers for 30 years. The avant-garde soul of Loreedubois is reflected by its independent and creative artist Frédéric Béziat, who pushes the art of High Jewellery to the extreme and magnifies the enchanting beauty of nature in each of his custom creations. The designer's many trips, including to Velaa Private Island, to magical places around the world have guided his choice of stone colors: the blue of the lagoon with paraiba and the green of the tropical jungle with tsavorite. These dazzling stones are combined with sublime VVS G diamonds of perfect brilliance to produce exclusive collection pieces. This harmony of colors was highlighted in the exclusive creation of the "Turtle" collection on the occasion of the 5th anniversary of Velaa Private lsland, as well as the Loreedubois for Velaa High Jewelry collection. The "Sea Beauty Necklace" and the "Tropical Garden Bracelet" are two of the flagship pieces.